Sales Staffing

We know that in order to recruit for sales leaders, we have to be sales leaders.  Hatty Group leaders have over 26 combined years of sales experience across multiple industries.  We’re able to use our experience to identify top performing “A” players and bring you difference makers who have a direct revenue impact on the organizations they work for.  By doing so, we allow companies to more effectively position themselves in any industry.

If you want to increase market share and drive revenue, you need to have the best players on your team.  Hatty Group’s recruiters are able to efficiently formulate unique, tailored solutions geared towards delivering your company passive candidates who are top performers with other firms and otherwise, not active job seekers.

Hatty Group provides a one-stop solution for hiring.  Our services include prescreening candidates, conducting background checks, speaking with references, evaluating the fit, and negotiating the hiring.