Job Seekers

The Job Seeker

Our passion is to find you a position that you are actually passionate about! This involves learning what you desire and need when seeking a new opportunity. Hatty Group will be with you every step of the way in not only discovering the perfect type of role for you, but also finding the employer that welcomes you on their team with open arms. We want you excited and exhilarated about your new position!

If you are looking for a full time role in Digital Media, Ad Technology, or Sales, or Finance, Hatty Group can help.  Our recruiters are experts in matching your skills and experience to the right job opportunity.  With decades of experience in hiring, our passion is finding the right opportunity that matches your goals, whether it’s a step to another company or a step-up to the dream job, we know what it takes to get there, and have the connections to get you there.

We preach open communication and take every step available to make the interviewing, negotiation, and job offer process fast, simple and lucrative.