Hatty Group is passionate about helping businesses keep up with the ever-changing world of Martech. Being a reputable staffing solutions provider, we are well aware of how important marketing technology is for success in today’s business environment. That’s why we have committed ourselves to supply first-class martech talents worldwide. Let’s see how we are disrupting the industry one city after another.

Major cities and Martech dominance

New York City (NYC): The city that never sleeps is also the hub of global trade where innovation meets limitless opportunities. Located in this vibrant neighborhood, Hatty Group caters to companies at different levels – startups through enterprises by addressing their various Martech needs.

Chicago: Known as the Windy City, Chicago is not only characterized by strong winds but also constant change and development. We understand this fact too well; thus we provide tailor-made staff augmentation services to help organizations take full advantage of MarTech for exponential growth.

Los Angeles (LA): From Hollywood to Silicon Beach – Los Angeles is a place where creativity mingles with technology making it one hot spot buzzing with ideas all year round. This energetic atmosphere needs continuous fueling which comes from our expertise in MarTech recruitment within LA county and beyond, enabling firms to stay ahead.

London: Crossing over to Europe, London becomes our next destination as we delve deeper into international trade relations starting from here since many companies operate on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore having a presence at such a crucial juncture guarantees access to top-notch martec talent by businesses located around London’s city center especially those dealing directly or indirectly with EU market rules compliance etcetera.

Boston: Boston has always been synonymous with innovation hence making it a natural fit for us given our track record in this area over time. Consequently what brings us there are unique staffing solutions based on unmatched experience garnered through years working closely together within thriving tech communities across Massachusetts state capital region.

Detroit: Motor City might be known for its manufacturing prowess but when it comes to digital transformation, Detroit is not left behind at all. Therefore our role as Hatty Group is to provide businesses with the necessary skills needed for them to thrive during such periods in history where everything seems going online like never before.

San Francisco: Being Silicon Valley’s neighbor, San Francisco remains one key player when speaking about global technological advancements. This explains why we continue partnering with various firms here so as to empower them to gain the required martec know-how essential to survive within competitive landscapes surrounding tech giants.

Denver: Nestled within beautiful rocky mountains lies Denver which serves as another important connecting link between nature’s beauty spots and cutting edge technologies being developed worldwide today partly because of its strategic geographical location along international transport routes besides other factors too numerous mentioned right now. Thus bringing our recruitment services closer home through offices located at Mile High City will greatly support different organizations striving towards achieving digital excellence across diverse industries within the Denver metropolitan area.

Seattle: Amazon and Microsoft are just but some examples showing how much innovation takes place daily within Seattle city limits alone not forgetting other equally large players around this region like Boeing etcetera. Therefore it would be unfair for us to ignore such an opportunity hence our decision to establish ourselves here by providing top-notch MarTech talents required driving growth success throughout Pacific Northwest states.

Austin: Apart from being widely recognized as a Live Music Capital World, Austin also boasts a vibrant technology scene hosting various annual events including SXSW (South By Southwest) among others. Hence forthwith considering itself part of these exciting happenings related directly or indirectly to music entertainment industry vis-a-vis emerging new media technologies convergence points there arising thereby leading to increased demand for skilled personnel capable of working hand-in-hand addressing complex challenges facing organizations involved in both sectors simultaneously etcetera.


In the world of technology today, Martech is what opens up infinite business opportunities. At Hatty Group, we are leading this revolution and providing unmatched Martech staffing solutions to businesses in every major city around the globe.

Want to step up your game in terms of Martech strategy? Give Hatty Group a call now and see for yourself.