We are your ally in the optimization of Client Services for businesses involved in different industries. We at Hatty Group know that exceptional Client Services are crucial to business success. From New York City to London, we are dedicated to offering customized staffing solutions that enable companies to go beyond client expectations and achieve their objectives.

Transforming Client Services Across Key Locations

New York City:

In the busy heartland of Manhattan, we thrive by giving you our complete Client Services solutions. Whether you are a financial firm on Wall Street or a tech start-up in Brooklyn, our team will facilitate your triumph.


In the Windy City, we pride ourselves with unmatched expertise in Client Services. Our staff solutions stretch from the Loop through Lincoln Park and are designed to uplift your business and enhance growth within this vibrant market.

Los Angeles:

Client services have never been more important than today when it comes to entertainment capital of the world. In LA we provide excellent staffing solutions; as such, they can be useful for Hollywood-based enterprises and more distant ones too.


Our client services also extend across the pond into central London’s thriving communities. We exist solely to help you build businesses that thrive against global competition; these include those operating out of Shoreditch and London’s financial district.

Tailored Solutions for Every Business

Hatty Group understands that every business is unique. That is why our customizable range of client service offerings exists so as to meet your particular needs and goals exactly, whether you need temporary workers for a project or long-term placements that will ensure future successes, we have what it takes.

Unrivaled Expertise, Unmatched Results

The group at Hatty has many years of experience serving customers just like yours in this industry thus bringing forth unrivaled skills and knowledge unparalleled nowhere else. What makes us distinct is that we take time to understand what your corporate culture entails and then only employ those candidates who fit that description, unlike many other firms who only give a cursory look at the resumes and C.V.s. This makes it possible to provide better solutions than other recruiters, while they just try to match CVs with job descriptions. At Hatty Group, the company gets to know your business –and we are then able to apply this knowledge in providing you with staffing solutions that will exceed what you anticipated and actually achieve measurable results.

Seamless Integration, Seamless Success

Rest assured that Hatty Group’s Client Services offerings flawlessly mesh with your present systems when you choose us as your partner. From introductions to training and management all the way, we make sure a smooth transition for everyone involved: both your employees and clients can trust this.

Experience the Hatty Group Difference

Do you desire quality customer service for your company? We would be delighted if you contacted us so that we could tell you more about how our Company can assist in realizing all these objectives. Regardless of where you are located- whether it is New York City or beyond- Chicago or Los Angeles; our objective is to help in making sure that all of our clients meet their goals. Our group shall work with yours to take it higher now!

Remember, the key to successful Client Services lies in understanding your unique needs and delivering tailored solutions that drive results. That is why by choosing Hatty Group, rest assured that your organization is in good hands. Together let us embark on this journey as we open doors for growth and achieving remarkable milestones.

Service Areas:

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