About Us

Our Mission:  Hatty Group was founded to provide the best staffing solutions in Ad Technology, Digital Media, Sales, and Finance with the sole purpose of matching up the right candidates with the right employers.  Our goal is to help companies achieve their hiring goals through cost-effective full-cycle recruitment strategies.  A passion of ours is landing candidates their dream job.  With over a decade of experience, Hatty Group has the industry knowledge and networks to match employers to candidates, and vice versa.

What Does Hatty Mean?  Hatty Group’s founders, Justin Bise and Jeff Bleim, are lifelong friends that grew up in Detroit, playing hockey together since the age of five.  In hockey, hatty means hat trick, which is used to describe when one player scores three goals in a single game.  Thinking back to their roots, they came up with the name Hatty Group through their love of hockey.

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