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As a global firm, Hatty Group brings to the table years of Digital Media, Advertising Technology, Sales, and Finance recruiting experience.  Hatty Group has the knowledge and partnerships in all major markets to help gain a competitive edge in recruiting and staffing top talent in the industry.

We have mastered the relationship between The Recruiter, The Applicant, and The Hiring Manager.  In today’s evolving and growing workplace, it’s crucial to have a recruiter that specializes and understands the environment, and has a battle plan for maneuvering the relationship.

Successful organizations must be efficient, effective, and more dynamic than ever before.  That means having the right people on your team.  Hatty Group aims to meet your needs by offering exclusive searches, efficient solutions for direct placements, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing.  We source from an elite network of candidates, pre-screen qualified prospects, and check backgrounds and references to identify top talent.  We strive to help you make a seamless transition when taking on a new addition to your company.

Adtech, digital advertising, staffing solutions, technology, innovation, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Boston, Detroit, San Francisco, Denver, Seattle, Austin, Atlanta


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Digital Audio, Staffing Solutions, Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, Digital Marketing, Podcasts, Streaming Platforms, Voice Technology

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Hatty Group is the best of the best! In a crowded space Hatty Group made themselves and more importantly their clients stand out, be relevant and shine bright. They have a way about them that you automatically trust and feel compelled to work with. Perhaps that’s a product of the company’s Mid Western roots OR that they’re smarter than most and working harder than the rest.  It would be an absolute pleasure to work with Hatty Group again and they’re definitely in my circle of trust

Hatty Group brings an incredible amount of professionalism, creativity and integrity to the challenges we all face building winning organizations. Over the years, Hatty Group has helped me build incredibly talented teams, in a fraction of time, to anyone else in the industry. These teams require proven executives and up and coming superstars, that need to hit the floor running. The team at Hatty Group have a great feel for people that could lead pioneering digital brands in the market and develop fantastic culture. With Hatty Group, you gain a true friend and strategic partner, personally invested in the success of the organization

I’ve worked closely with Hatty Group for years through a range of key hires in marketing, operations and sales.  Justin and his team are rock solid and as good as it gets when it comes to understanding a potential candidate’s fit within a company’s culture

I worked with Hatty Group to fill several key sales roles within my organization.  The team understood the subtle nuances of my business, as well as the culture of my company.  They tapped into their substantial network and found candidates who were knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and brought additive experience to their roles.   One of the best parts about my experience with Hatty Group was how quickly they operated.  They had solid candidates in front of me within a day, and we filled my roles within a few weeks.   I highly recommend Hatty Group and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Hatty Group is successful at helping people connect to better opportunities because they care about the people they represent and the organizations that hire them to find talent. In the assembly line of talent recruitment/placement agencies, Hatty Group stands out because of the team’s character and old school approach of relationship building, listening, and advocacy. While everyone else is talking the talk, I see the Hatty Group team walking the walk

I’ve worked with Hatty Group on multiple roles over the past few years and I do not have enough good things to say about them. The team very passionate about what they do and take the time to fully understand what the client is asking for. Hatty Group presents quality candidates in a timely manner. For any companies that are struggling to find talent, I can promise you that you won’t regret giving Hatty Group a shot

Hatty Group is one of the best recruiting firms in the business. Hatty Group helped guide me through a complex recruitment process, and provided invaluable advice during my ramp up period, and through the various challenges that inevitably pop up in a fast moving industry. I would highly recommend Hatty Group to anyone looking to work with a true professional.

Chris Matalone, Sales Director, Sizmek

I have worked with Hatty Group on several searches and found the team’s professionalism exceptional! They do an amazing job of identifying their client’s needs along with the skills and qualifications of the role they are recruiting for. Hatty Group screens their candidates well and do an amazing job of preparing them for the interview. Furthermore, Hatty Group team members do something that a lot of other recruiters do not do. They follow up with feedback and will not leave their candidates hanging. Also, Hatty Group recruiters have a solid understanding of the digital media industry which make them a subject matter expert in the recruiting and sales process. I recommend Hatty Group for any company looking to a solid and hard working executive recruiter.

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Justin Bise
Justin BiseCo-Founder and CEO
Justin is an expert on consulting firms on better hiring practices, finding unique talent, and matching talent to employers. In addition to his 8+ years of experience as an executive recruiter and 16 years in sales, Justin has started two companies.
Jeff Bleim
Jeff BleimCo-Founder and CFO
Jeff is a veteran of the financial industry, with over a decade of experience hiring teams, advising clients, and leading a national company. In Jeff’s 16 years as a sales leader he has hired, trained, and developed over 100 salespeople. Jeff understands market trends, impacts on all levels of the team and the know-all on how to achieve maximum output of an employee.
Taylor Bise
Taylor BiseDirector of Operations
After graduating from the University at Buffalo, Taylor began her career supporting the Recruiting Department at Weichert Financial Services. It was there that she learned the ins and outs of recruiting, from sourcing to onboarding. Taylor supported the VP of Recruiting and his team for five years before moving to Chicago and supporting a Digital Marketing team. She brings the knowledge she gained in her prior positions to her role at Hatty Group.
Christina Bleim
Christina BleimDirector of Recruiting
Christina is a results-oriented talent manager and recruiter with over six years of experience in talent acquisition across a broad range of industries. Her degree in Human Resource Management has led to her success in creating effective strategies to improve recruitment and retention. Christina has the superior ability to assemble talented teams and devise effective recruiting strategies, coupled with strong negotiation and problem-solving skills.
Marissa Feather
Marissa FeatherRecruiting
Marissa Feather has over 10 years of experience in the advertising industry. She began her career on the agency side working at Spark Foundry and Dentsu and then she made the move over to the account management and ad sales side. Now as a recruiter, she brings a wealth of industry knowledge, expertise, and understanding of needs to match the perfect candidate with our client’s open roles.

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